Breaking the box. A moving story

We broke it!

But I guess the good news is we fixed it, right? That’s right, we broke it, again! The admin monkeys got kicked in the face and rebelled…Ok, lets get serious.

Server changes:

We have migrated all of our content, website, and programs to a new server. This is a self-managed box from Scaleway, if anybody is interested, and means we will be able to resolve problems more quickly if any should come about.

An apparent hacking attempt:

If you’re wondering where all of the posts went, well…It would appear we got hacked because of low security. We have now changed all of our authentication methods, and tightened our security by a lot. This should not happen again…We hope!

That’s about it:

If you’ve got any comments, you can contact us on our twitter. Other than that, have fun with the new setup!

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