A look at what’s coming up

Coming up from the Underworld Tech team

As many of you will no doubt have realized, the team have been having problems throughout their first year of existing. First it was hosting, then it was wordpress errors…You get the picture. If it was going to happen, it happened.
But now, we’re on stable hosting and have a relatively error free website.
So at this time, we’ve started to focus more on what we’re here for. What are we here for?
Accessible application development.

Up coming guides and free courses

We don’t just want to offer accessible applications for everybody. So we’ve decided to start re-publishing our guides and free courses. These will hopefully include:

  • Guides on kodi and different addons available.
  • Guides on migrating to NVDA or other free options from JAWS or supernova.
  • Guides on starting out with the python programming language and other languages of interest.
  • And more…

Here’s the catch, though.
We want your help.
A website is nothing without a community, these days. So we’re going to offer you, the user, the chance to submit your guides, text or audio, on using different applications or features of operating systems, phones, etc. That you feel of use to the community at large. To do this, we’re going to be opening up a submition page, and user submitted content will be included on the website each month.

Utilities, applications, and more.

We’re also planning to release several applications over the next year. Of course, we’re planning on releasing ReadAnywhere, and if you’ve followed the website for the past month or so you’ll know exactly what that is. If not, look out for a specific blog post on it soon.
We also want to release applications such as utilities for pastebin, a more usable address book and date keeping application, an audio game and so much more.
Unfortunately, we can’t give you all the details yet, mainly because we don’t know them all ourselves. But things are definitely coming.

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Thanks for reading, and remember to give us suggestions and feedback!

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