Another screen reader dies, but you still have options

Window-eyes: 1995-2017

That’s right, the window-eyes screen reader from GWMicro is gone, effective as of 15 May 2017. While GWMicro thoughtfully provided options to user to migrate to jaws, not everybody is comfortable with jaws and freedom scientific.

So what options do we have?

That’s a good question, and its not really an easy one to answer. As you might know, almost all the comertial options are now part of the VFO group, which seems to have taken over a lot of the screen readers and assistive technology software options as of late. While you could go to something like dolphin supernova, a popular option in the UK, not everybody has the money to afford that kind of option.

The free option

So what’s left? Well, the popular NVDA screen reader from tutorials that focus on the basics.
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