Content submission guidelines

1. Maturity is a must:

We will not accept guides, tutorials, or other submissions with rude or offensive content. Similarly, your writing/speech, or the writing/speech of others, is expected to be as professional as possible.

2. Opinions and portrayal:

As stated above, all submissions must be mature. Additionally, we will accept opinions within submissions as long as they are clearly stated to be as such. Derogatory content against any company, individual, product or service will not be tolerated.

3. Clarity:

Your submission must clearly state what kind of content it is and what it is for. You must specify, for example, that your submission is a review for a particular device or software. Unclear content will not be denied, but we will most likely ask you to clean it up.

4. Rights:

You must either own or have permission to distribute the content you submit to us. Articles on the open web do not usually fall into this guideline, however. Do note that some articles forbid re-posting them without gaining permission first. Do not submit the text of an article to us, the link will suffice and will keep us all out of trouble. If submitting written content or audio content that does not appear on the open web, and it is not yours, please insure that you have permission to distribute it to us. We will follow up any complaints against content if you know and can prove it is your content that somebody else has submitted.